Monday, March 24, 2014

7th April 2014 , a CHANGE of Driving Attitude ?

Queensland Drivers will be reminded in the next weeks , that the " Highway Code " that they learnt , in order to gain their " Driver Permit " , had behaviours towards Cyclists as part of those items that they had to absorb " Parrot Fashion "!  That they promptly set about driving in a way , that was contrary to the manner expected of them , is apparent from the " Punishment Passes "  many inflict on Cyclists , daily !

On 7th April 2014 , those that continue to treat Cyclists as a " nuisance " , will find that there are Penalties that will hurt their Pocket , as well as earn them DEMERIT Points , that can/will lead to them finding other means of Transport , as their vehicle sits at home . Perhaps they will be humble enough to use a BIKE , to continue their daily activities ?

European Law forms some of the Basis of the Australian Highway Code , but it is principally a copy of the UK " Highway Code " , with it's many defects !  Whereas EU Law has " Strict Liability " , the UK Law does not , thus the DEAD Victim has NO RIGHTS ! They are not there to PROVE that the perpetrator was not compliant with Road Rules that require a Standard of Behaviour to others ?  SMIDSY ( sorry mate i didn't see you ) is trotted out , when the incident is in the midday sun and with as much as a kilometre of straight road in front of them !  Indeed the UK has an " AA org. " whose latest survey of members found that 93% of respondents do not see Cyclists as they drive ! Wonder why Opticians have to advertise when they have so many in need of their services ?

When travelling in Europe , the motorist will find that most countries have the 1 1/2M Safe Pass of Cyclists sign VISIBLE , mainly at the exit of a City and the start of an uphill section . France has these signs at the bottom of just about every " Col " in the Alps , Jura & Pyrennees !

What it ALL comes down to , is that the MEDIA class CYCLISTS as a " subhuman Species " ! Pull on a Lycra outfit and YOU , are no longer a Father/Mother , Son/Daughter , Grandparent , Friend/Colleague ! I wear Lycra each day , except on days like today , when snow is falling , almost the whole day . Lycra does not make me any different to any other Blogger , yet as soon as i get on the Bike , the Media regard me as WHAT ?

Tony Abbott on the Sunday of Election Weekend was shown WORLDWIDE , riding his bike ! Since then there has been plenty of time for him to make his views known on Cycling Issues , yet , even though i trawl Aussie websites also , there has been NOTHING , that i have found ! Nor has there been links by others !

" Show Tony " has been visible recently with a variety of issues , but even though they demand plenty of his time , it is inconceivable that he has given up riding the bike , even if only in the Gym ?

What " show tony " needs to do , if he is MAN ENOUGH , is to see that :

1/  Strict Liability is introduced to Federal Parliament in the form of an Urgent Bill .

2/  Australia adopts the 1 1/2M Safe Pass Laws introduced in Queensland on 7th April 2014.

TWO very simple measures that can be treated with urgency , YET , which politician has the GUTS ?

Thursday, January 9, 2014


How do CYCLISTS survive in Oz ?


" Cowards Pass " is NOT a SPORT , but reading of the Misadventues in various States , in the early days of 2014 , an outsider would rightfully conclude , that Australian Drivers are amongst the WORST in the World, or that they NEVER LEARNED TO DRIVE !  Years ago , i used to remark to others , that a bad example of Driving , was the result of " Sending in a coupon , from the back of a KELLOGGS Cornflakes Pack ! Many Aussies will recall , sitting at the breakfast table , reading the various offers on " Cereal Packs"? Captive audience whilst munching whatever was part of the daily breakfast routine .

Older Drivers may well have returned from the World War 2 , applied for a driving licence and without too much ado , been given a licence to DRIVE ! Doubt that Eye Sight was even tested in those days ?  Many of the Migrants to Oz in the mid 1950s , would have exchanged their original Country's driving Licence for any State driving Licence , perhaps with few formalities?  In 1967 i recall exchanging the UK Licence for a NSW Licence at DMR Redfern , a Sydney Suburb , once notorious as the " Blackman's Ghetto , now the sought after " New Paddo "!  I had passed the UK Driving Licence in 1962 , allowing me to drive vehicles upto 7 1/2 ton , Eye Sight & basic " Road Rules test " easily passed . 15 years later a Taxi Licence was more difficult to obtain because a certain amount of " Knowledge of significant Sydney Landmarks " was required!

These days Vehicle Licencing requires each mode of Vehicle to be treated as a " Series of Tests " , mostly with Formal Training over a set minimum period of time . Now more expense and thus investment required to obtain the " PRIVELEGE of operating that Class of Vehicle " !  A privelege that can be taken away , IF , the Laws of the Country are IGNORED !

PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME , WHY , on a daily basis , so MANY drivers are determined to find a Law Enforcement Officer , and demonstrate WHY they deserve to LOSE their Licence ?  Daily those on a bike experience the worst road conditions , the WORST Drivers and a lack opf sympathy from the Policing Authorities !  Regretably a " LEO/Police Officer " can only ACT , if they see the incident ! They are bound by the AUTHORITIES that employ them , to take note , BUT , unless there is significant VISIBLE damage their hands are tied ! Even the use of " Video Camera Evidence " in many Countries , is not considered acceptable verification of an incident .  When on the occasion of damage or Injury , Policing can only record details for an " Insurance Claim "!  Lawyers have reached such a point that they have instilled a " Sense of Fear " into an Authorities Mindset ?

London experienced " Rioting " in 2011 , after a Known Criminal , was intercepted in a Taxi , after he had "puchased a Gun " ! The Armed Police Officer in the " STOP Action " , discharged his weapon , in the need to protect LIVES ! Duggan was killed by the second bullet . What took place in the few seconds between Duggan's exiting the Taxi with " something " in his hand , and this 2nd bullet , has been the cause of a Coroner's Court Jury Trial . His family are calling for Civil Unrest , because they saw the Jury Verdict as detrimental to THEIR idea of what took place !

As a result of this " Difference of Opinion " , Armed Police Officers are now , about to be equipped with "Video Cameras " , whilst on these  Duties ! As if they had nothing better to do than Protect Citizens , they NOW , have to protect themselves from the " Slurs " cast on them by those Lawyers after a " Quick Buck"? No longer a case of YEARS of exemplary service , being needed to QUALIFY as a " Armed Response Police Officer " , they have to be able to operate/direct  VIDEO at those posing " IMMEDIATE Life Threatening RISK " !

So it comes as no surprise that Cyclists are having to GEAR Up with Video Evidence of any incident that they encounter on a ride ?  Latest case of a Video Incident :

Seems that even Cyclists , are unsure of whether the Cyclist skittled , should have gone in front of the errant car , gone behind, or STOPPED ! With his being part of a group , did he have much choice ?  What of the Motorist , did they act correctly ?  Having lived in that area in the early 1990s , i recall that service station and i would have been on the road rather than that bike path .

Cameras mounted on Helmets in West Australia are currently frowned on by the Policing Authorities :


Seems that W.A. Policing are of the opinion , that an attachment to a helmet contravenes the " Code "?

Those reading my Blogs will recall i mention " Hugh Porter " occasionally . This London QC , is highly aware of the risks of Commuting on a bike into London ! His Blogs are full of Legal matters related to Cycling and well worth a read :


Since starting " " i have been in touch with a few people . The response to my emails has been disappointing . NYC RoW , who inspired this intiative and @Aushiker have yet to respond to requests ? Statistics are a difficult thing to pin down because everyone has a different POV , thus there can be a different slant on several sites ?

Whilst the Internet throws up a variety of Incidents , there is nothing like having HELP from the LOCALS , so i look forward to aNY ASSISTANCE rendered by those visiting the site and clicking " LIKE "!

THose Policing Authorities that i manage to contact would have their OWN Experience of Cycling and thus will ADD to my points listed here :

Motoring Rules needing ATTENTION :

1/   1M Safe pass of Cyclist at under 30kph

2/   1 1/2M Safe pass of Cyclist at higher speeds

3/   NO PASS of Cyclists in School Zones , and , on or under Bridges

4/   NO Pass of Cyclists within 100M of Road Junction or Bus Zone . No overtake of Cyclist within 100M                of entering Service Station , Private Property  ( doubt it is legal for vehicle to pass vehicle in these                  circumstances ?)

5/   No PASS by/of ONCOMING Vehicle when Cycle is within 300M , on OTHER LANE OF ROAD

6/   SIGNALLING of Passing Manouvre and return to lane when overtaking Cyclist

7/   Use of Hazard lights to indicate following a Cyclist when requried to slow , due to traffic

8/   ALL Large Vehicles to display a Decal depicting " Safe Pass Message "! Even larger 4 x 4 ( Chelsea                     Tractors ) & Tinted windowed vehicles

9/   Allow Under 16yo to ride Footpaths & Over 60yo at upto 15kph , particularly  when accompanied .

10/  Requirement for Police Officers under 35yo , to do Cycling Duties , as Plain Clothed Officers , 5 shifts                each month . Teaching School Children for the Older Officers

11/  Advance Zone at Traffic Lights

12/  Treating Red Light as GIVE WAY on a Left hand Filtering Turn , at under 20kph

13/  Acceptence of Video Camera evidence for Court proceedings

14/  Introduction of a Federal Vehicular Manslaughter Law , as in Italian Road Code

15/  Should be a prohibition of the use of the Vehicle horn at the rear of a Cyclist ( friends would tap After                    passing ?)
16/  Professional Emergency Vehicle Drivers training requires their FULL Compliance with ALL State Laws                  when in NON Emergency Transit , thus they SHOULD be subject to DOUBLE Penalty when                      infringing those Traffic Laws that are commonly flouted by the public ! LEAD BY EXAMPLE !

Obviously :
Mr/Mrs Motorist disgards " Traffic Habits " as they see THOSE that should set an example , fail to do their JOB correctly ?

Emergency Vehicle Operators MUST BE SEEN to comply with TRAFFIC HABITS , thus no Texting , Eating , Smoking in Vehicle BY DRIVER at ANY TIME !

Can you IMAGINE that a " P Plate driver " is allowed to get a $A300 fine and 3 demerits for MULTIPLE Texting , when NOT Wearing a Cycling Helmet is generally a fine of $A330 ?

Cycling on the Roads for Profis , is a question of choosing the Time and Place : Steve Tilford runs a blog that i enjoy reading and has just posted on his 1st ride of the year . The disappointment for me is that January is normally Ski Touring time but with Dry Sunny 10+C weather , i am sharing the roads with Mutton heads driving 7 1/2Ton Wagons , choosing to pass mm from me , when they are not in my rear beeping for me to get out of their way . Having been pushed off the bike by the wagon on Tuesday , a stop at the Schwaz Polizei was the only option . No doubt today's near miss was the same mutant or a colleague ?

Here is my comment to Steve's blog :

  "  Today is the 9th day of the year on a bike . Getting funny looks riding around with bare legs in 10+C ! I even was haled by a local pedestrian , as i was finishing the morning ride . He was on the way home from Tennis in a Hall . He told me that normally he starts Cycling mid march , but was so inspired by my efforts , that he was going out Cycling after some lunch .
This year Tirol weather has been crazy , i get more exercise Ski Touring when there is Snow , but Dry Sunny Roads are hard to beat . Pity about some of the Cowboys from Express Stoll who think that passing with mm is THEIR SPORT ! No doubt when they see the publicity i am giving them with the Internet , they will be upset ?
Takes NO BRAINS to miss a Cyclist , i call it ” COWARD PASS ” see RightofWayAustralia in Facebook !"
The Polizei Commando Post i visited today , told me that this company employs Cowboys ! How right she is! Fortunately for me , both the Polizei i spoke with , speak English like a Native . Bad luck for tourists that try the " nicht sprecken Deutsch "?

London Cyclists are getting VERY Organised with their " SubAd Campaign "!

Taking the Transport for LONDON Ads as a base , they have created a Whole Series of EYE Catching results !

Wish i was so creative ?

ADD YOUR ads to HELP CYCLISTS and i will ADD them !

14th Jan 2014
This is how London Metro Police hope to save CYCLISTS' LIVES :

Monday, December 30, 2013

1 1/2 M Safe Pass Law Oz wide NOW !

Celebrating his Victory in the Elections , mere weeks ago ,
Tony Abbott was seen on TV World Wide , riding his Bike on the Sunday Morning with his mates ! MISSING IN CYCLING ACTION ever since !

Doubt he has even considered the following events which have become a Media feeding fest ? Even " Motor Mouth " that well known Legend in his OWN Mind , Darren Hinch , has weighed into the Cycling events of the past Weekend ! Taking time out to reread his various " Seemingly Anti Cycling Comments " over past years , he had this to say about the " Mutants " that amused themselves by " Whacking Cyclists about the Head & derriere " causing several crashes and most likely injuries ! At present , it appears the Victorian Police have not levelled Charges ? May i suggest " Attempted Murder " for the Passenger and " Aiding & abetting ", for the Driver ?

With this article Darren has tried to justify changing his previous " Anti Cycling Rant ":

Starts the rant with :

" THOSE BONEHEADS IN a ute who targeted and attacked cyclists on Beach Rd, Melbourne, on Saturday morning should, if convicted, be heavily fined and the driver’s vehicle should be impounded."

My personal view overlooked the " impounding " of their vehicle ! WHAT A GOOD IDEA ! The link to the incident causing him to restate his position on Cyclist behaviour :

This was as far as Blogger saved when i then tried to add " photo " without internet connection . Seems some things can be done , such as " links " but the rest of this is not as interesting as the original ( my POV )!

Hard frost outside , so here goes again ?

SINCE November Queenslanders have been on notice that on 1st Jan. 2014 , a New Law will be in force !

SAFE Passing of Cyclists will be a conscious decision for Motorists , since failing to give 1M in 60kph zones COULD incur a $A4400 cash payout and 8 Demerit points ( 12 & you get licence holiday?) and outside the 60kph Zone , a 1 1/2M width will be required ! How hard is it for people to ease off when following a Cyclist UNTIL the road is clear ? Would a SANE Motorist try to overtake a car in the face of an oncoming vehicle ? ONLY ONE ANSWER there , unless they have a death wish , or trying to get Police Attention ?

Thanks to the efforts of a minority of people , such as @safecyclingOz , Cyclists in Queensland

, will enjoy 2 years of being treated with more respect , perhaps fewer rear end collisions will be reported . November seemed to be a month when London and Sydney were having Daily Cyclist Deaths , with the majority of the cases being the Cyclist faultless ? These last days of December   have seen Deaths , Injuries and Attacks on Cyclists ! Makes most ordinary Cyclists wonder WHY the people they mix with in Social Activities become MURDEROUS MUTANTS when behind the wheel ?

Queensland Government decided to do what the Tasmanian Government declined to do , ACT ! Various other States are considering this " Legislation " , but fearful of the " Motoring Lobby " are dragging their feet .

With this article reporting the death of a 21yo , and reports of a second Death ( not found the link )  :

it appears that Tassie Government will revisit their early decision on the Safe Pass Law ?

South Australia State ,  have had some famous Hit and Run cases over the years , but whilst the perpetrator of this outrageous behaviour is in custody , there must be growing outrage that there has been NO ACTION in Safe Passing Laws , in the State that has the ONLY Pro World Cycle Race in Oz ?

Various articles cover this Mid Wife's Death :

With Bail Conditions being required , the perpetrator got a taste of her future as she spent the night in custody :

West Australia has had it's own series of tragedies , this being the latest :

Northern Territory had in October the Death of a Japanese Touring Cyclist , again rear ended riding into the Twilight , a case of " SMIDSY " , since the delinquent driver was facing the sun ? WHEN i am riding towards the sun , in the later hours of the day , i create a SHADOW on the road , perhaps as much as 20m long ! Magistrates ever ask the driver " Did you not see the road surface "? Doubt they even THINK to ask any pertinent questions , since they are reluctant to cause their Authorities , the expense of entertaining the perpetrator in custody , for a deservedly lengthy sentence ?

Previous Posts have mentioned Deaths in  Canberra , Queensland and Sydney , so no need to revisit those States on this occasion ?

These articles just in on the 1st Jan 2014 demonstrates the NEED for Cyclists to be PROTECTED :

 Meanwhile in Oz's 7th state , New Zealand ( just joking , better than my " sheep " jokes ), it appears there are MUTANTS there also :

Australians overseas also suffer from being rear ended :

Australia is not the only country with Cycling Deaths or the desire to see the 1 1/2M Safe Pass Law , have read of these demands by Cycling Safety Groups  in Scotland , England , Ireland and Wales . With 6 Cyclists killed on Icy roads in Chris Boardman's home territories , and as many killed by an outrageous Italian driver near Naples , and Amy Gillett being killed and 5 Team Members being hospitalised in Germany whilst on a recce run for the 2005 Tour , in which  they were to participate , it is clear that the PROBLEM is WORLD WIDE thus requiring a UNIFIED SOLUTION !

Whilst the IOC is nominally interested in SPORT , just about the WHOLE World Wide community follows their activities ? Just look at the amount of money the various SPONSORS compete at throwing into their coffers ! 

Tired of reading about Cyclist Tragedies , well do as ALL the 10 Million " LinkedIN contacts " , Facebook Friends and Twitter followers do  IGNORE and REFUSE to sign this PETITION :

JUST walk away , nothing there for YOU , until as like ALL the above's friends and relatives , YOURS are notified of YOUR misfortune !

BULLIED daily on the roads where ever you find yourself , and YOU don't want to contribute IN ANY WAY to arriving home safely , without incident ? Let these Guys who signed , AWAKEN YOU :

It is not APRIL FOOLS DAY , is it ?

Addition on 1st January 2014

Some make mistakes , some have Freudian slips :

  "  Mr Khoury says there has been a lack of educational campaigns and planning around cycle paths and roads.
"We've not done nearly enough to educate all road users on how to share the road safely," he said.
"We've not been strategic enough on how and where we build cycle paths, we've not tried hard enough to separate cyclists and road users."

Coming from the Rep. for the NRMA ( Nat.Roads & Motoring Assoc. of NSW ) speaking on Cyclists Deaths in 2013 !  Used to be a PAYING Member of that Organisation ! Wonder what the Austrian Equivalent's rep. says about Cyclists ? Speaks in German , so not holding my breath , but they insure Cycles at 10% premium per year !

Just to pass the time , is this a way to start the New Year :