Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SKYPE or SH#te !

Not having a lot to say , i have not been using " Sh#te " for several months . Somewhere after i gave them a renewal of Eu10 , they decided to confiscate Eu9.44 , because they said that i was not using it as regularly as they would wish .

This morning i was having trouble using a new mobile phone unit to send a text/SMS , so i tried to use " Sh#te " . Well i didn't get to use it , as mentioned above , i am off the air .  Having sent a message , i was required at about midday to send a new message .

Returning about 1500hrs i find that there was a NEW Code to enter !

Message after MISSING the 3hr limit by MINUTES !

Sorry but due to security reasons you are limited to the number of temporary codes received each day. You have reached that limit today, Please try again in 24 hours.

So NOW i sit about for another DAY ?

They have MY MONEY and they are STOPPING ME from using IT ?

Monday, October 6, 2014

AUSSIES cleaning up in Ponferrada !

Flying the Aussie Flag high repeatedly , on Sunday and Monday , as Aussie Cycle Racers scored Silvers in the Team Time Trials on Sunday , then Golds to Macey Stewart and Campbell Fakemore on Monday , meant the rest of the week was somewhat of a wait , until " Gerro " scored the Men's Elite Silver on Sunday minutes to finalise the Medal Tally , just before the heavens opened !

That week flashed past and now i am trying to recall all the high points . Surely there was more , as i seem to recall , that there was a Silver for Caleb Ewan and also another , then 2 Bronze for Oz , one to Anna-Leeza hill who Shared Macey's podium and one to Michael Storer , some where during the week ? Could be i have it wrong but i think 2 Gold , 3 Silver and 2 Bronze was a pretty handsome haul ?  ( Still working on it ) !

With the Sunday Team Time Trials , it is a shame that the World will not recognise that BMC , winner of the Mens is the Team of Cadel Evans and Lulumon , winners of the Ladies event is the work of that Aussie Powerhouse , Kristy Scrimageour , who led by example when an aussie Champ. !

With this in mind , i sent @briancooksonobe , a tweet , after trawling the " UCI.ch website " to discover a " National Medals " List !  After wasting time and 32Mb on all those pretty pictures , i came up empty handed . Of course Brian has not replied ! Guess he was overdoing it when he smiled on the Sunday , after i called " Smile " to get that photo . Not sure i have seen too many other photos with a smiling President ?

Will be back with more for this post after a trawl through a few more sites .

On the Sunday after the Elite Men's race , i was looking to find the 2 Austrians from Schwaz , at their Hotel , but , instead found a bruised and deflated Dan Martin . He showed off the damage from the crash during the race . Met his Father also , who said he would bounce back .

Sunday's Victory at the " Lombardia " , where he accelerated from the back of the pack , certainly demonstrated that fact !

Good on you Dan !

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Posted this to SCA , earlier today :

  " Contador is TOO Busy to be at " StopKillingCyclists Event " etc

Having had to restart my computer due to loading the latest " Updates " , i found the entry removed . Now i know that i am hard to get along with , but WHEN i am trying to HELP a UK Based " Cycling Safety Org. " you would think the Guy would realise that it was in the INTERESTS OF ALL , to Highlight the event ?  Not so as the next effort from me was :


" StopKillingCyclists " deserves better of YOU , since they give YOU a mention !

YOU make me feel ASHAMED of being an Aussie !

Email me with YOUR Issues at skippi@ausi.com IF you are Big enough !"

this brought about a fairly prompt reply :


Now i realise that there is a time difference beetween Oz and the UK , but i am in the house due to the pouring rain on a cold Saturday arvo in Austria , whilst the Facebook Page monitor is presumably at home on a Saturday night , perhaps looking for a " dispute "!  It sappears from reading the latest refresh that he has a stouch going with some one else currently , but ALL sign of these items have disappeared . As i keep copy of everything i post , it matters not !

Over the years of watching SCA , i seem to recall a bunch of other " Cycling Safety Org.s " getting the rough edge of his digits . In the past i was happy to assist since Europe is a 1 1/2M Safe Pass area , but when i pass through Queensland , i doubt i will bother with a visit .

UNTIL ALL Cycling Safety Org.s in ALL parts of the World , work together on a COMMON AGENDA , we Cyclists will continue to be disregarded as of NO ACCOUNT !   I can understand that the Pro Cyclists , when at a race , fail to do more for their Cycling Fans , BUT , since members of THEIR Profession are regularly reported as VICTIMS , they have to convince the Media to assist in their SAFETY on the roads , wherever THEY LIVE !

Enjoy the pics , these are just a few that support my efforts !